Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other trainers?
  • I am the first and most experienced Training Between The Ears trainer in Southern California, having studied it directly with the founders since 2018. I have used many styles of dog training since 2012, and found that TBTE was by far the most effective, humane, and kind way to help dogs and their human family. I have helped hundreds of dogs and humans live more enjoyable lives together by teaching dogs the skill of relaxation and to feel better about the world around them. 

  • This blog from Mark McCabe about how we can help our dogs get great outcomes by becoming optimistic vs. what typical obedience and training lessons do is highly recommended for anyone looking to help their dog.

When is the best time to start training my dog?
  • We help new dog parents, right after, or even before they get their dog, families who are just starting to have issues with their dog, and dogs that have had problems for a long time. If you think you need some help and are ready to address what’s happening, now is the perfect time!

  • If you have a puppy, teaching it to be calm, confident, courteous, and curious from the beginning will let you skip having problems more enjoyable together. There is never an age that’s too young to start training!  See the online training Puppy Potential  that we have available specifically for puppies. The TBTE Level 1 course is also a great foundation for puppies.

  • If your dog is an adult, most behavior issues don’t resolve themselves without help, so the faster we work with your dog, the faster you get to have the life you want together. 

Where are lessons, how long, and how much are they?
  • Most of the time, training sessions take place in your home environment and neighborhood where you have challenges, or online. You also get phone/text support between sessions and handouts for many things you learn.

  • We may also train in other places that your dog needs help like a veterinary office, groomer, family member’s home, hike, park, our backyard pool, outdoor mall, or cafe.

  • Sessions last 1 to 2 hours to match your available time and your budget. We will teach you and your dog as much as you can successfully use in the upcoming week. 

  • In-person training sessions start at $140 per hour. I also do packages – buy 9, get one free. Rates may increase depending on location and time. Online training sessions are $100.

  • There are limited sessions available on nights and weekends at double the standard rate.

Will I have to manage my dog’s behavior for the rest of her/his life?
  • Dogs are capable of a lot of change and success by learning what works, what doesn’t, and how to regulate their feelings and behavior. The most important step is teaching your dog to be calm, confident, and optimistic. If he/she has those qualities, teaching obedience and other fun things you want is easy! Some dogs may require some ongoing management, but the goal of this training is to make your life easier and more enjoyable, with your dog making better choices on their own every day. Mark McCabe explains this more in this short video. 

What are your specialties?
  • I love working with any enthusiastic human/family that is ready to learn with their dog. My personal favorites are timid/fearful dogs and goofy/energetic dogs. I do not work with serious aggression cases at this time.
How many sessions will I need?
  • We will do whatever is most effective and fair for your dog to reach your goals in the shortest time possible. We use our years of experience to tailor the program to you. The amount of sessions will depend on how difficult your challenges are, how fast you and your dog learn, and how much you apply the skills in between sessions.