Private Sessions

Would you like to enjoy your dog more? Do more together? Stop behaviors that are irritating or dangerous? Help your dog have a full and happy life?

How much do you think that your dog can learn in just a few hours? Refine Your K9’s Private Training Sessions are the perfect way for us to refine your dog’s state of mind and behavior within your relationship – finding opportunities for you and your dog to fully understand each other a have your needs met. Each program and session is customized to address what matters most to you and what will be most effective for your dog – complete with handouts to help you remember everything that you’ve learned. Our NO COOKIE CUTTER policy ensures that your goals are achieved and you see RESULTS! We will work together to build your dog’s confidence, clear up communication issues that have led to unwanted behaviors, and teach you and your dog the skills that will make your life easier.

From puppies to seniors, we provide you with HOPE, SOLUTIONS, and TRANSFORMATIONS. 

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You have a good dog, but there are a couple things that are making life more difficult or keeping you from enjoying your dog as much as you could. Maybe you’ve been struggling to get your dog to walk without pulling, sit, lay down and stay? In two or three sessions, over just 4 hours, we can teach your dog the fundamental skills to have a great walk and start joining in on your life. This program is perfect for leash pullers, stubborn pups, and people that want their dog to be more fun and easy to interact with.

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In just 6 hours over 4 sessions, we will address your specific needs, whether they are leash pulling, house manners, meeting other dogs, leash reactivity (barking & pulling at other dogs on leash), or whatever problems you are having. You will learn to read your dog and gain the tools needed to have a great relationship in many different settings.

IMG_5941Perfect Pup

Whether you have a puppy that is just learning about the world or a dog with more serious problems, our 8 Hour program will address every question or behavior issue that you encounter. You will have all the support you need to understand your dog, and work through the issues that make your life difficult.