• First session includes assessment and introductory training
  • Zoom / FaceTime sessions from anywhere
  • Virtual skill demonstration and personal coaching
  • Customized to your unique dog, family, and needs
  • Includes emailed handouts and text / phone support between sessions
  • Great for people with challenging schedules or outside of Los Angeles

If you’d like to learn independently at first, the Training Between The Ears (TBTE) Level 1 course is the most cost effective and flexible way to learn the Refine Your K9 training methods directly from my mentor, Mark McCabe.  

To dip your toe in the water first and try the Refine Your K9 methods, the 6 Days to a New Beginning with your Dog course by Mark McCabe will teach you how to get more of what you want from your dog through clear communication and positive reinforcement. 

Private in-person and/or online training sessions through Zoom/FaceTime can be scheduled with us to support any online, independent learning courses.